108puja.online, the new online portal that caters to people’s religious requirements that include ceremonies, remedy rituals, astrological needs, and puja paraphernalia can boast of a strong network that links 800 temples across India. The portal provides end-to-end solutions for pujas, rituals, and instruments of divine interaction in these temples. In short, 108puja.online is a single window for all religious requirements. The religions include Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Being an online portal, all our transactions are transparent and we provide services to our clients at cost effective pricings.

It’s the jet age that keeps people busy. Besides, Indian traditions, religious ceremonies and rituals have requirements across strata of religions of Indian origin. People find it difficult to remain rooted to their religious traditions. Consequently, although people have a religious blend of mind, they are unable to stay rooted to their religious traditions. Here’s where 108puja.online steps in to make life easier for people who want to stay connected to their roots.  Our networking skills will serve you in a big way. We have network links with 800 priests, one for each temple. The priests apart from performing the puja or remedy ritual will post the prasad to us and we in turn will ensure that the prasad reaches your doorstep.

In case you want to buy the puja paraphernalia and conduct it with priests of your own choice, it’s not a problem. We can provide you with all the puja related products and ensure that the event is a grand success. We also have expansion plans in which we will appoint a priest for each city across India including tier II and tier III cities. You can also avail of bookings for dharmashallas in the event you are setting out on a pilgrimage. Our travel services are very efficient and we can notify you of the arrangements within your stipulated time frame.

Be it marriage rituals, astrological consultations for auspicious time and proper match of horoscopes, or pujas just as Satyanarayana puja or aarthis held in temples of your choice, we are just a click away from you. We offer you easy to access solutions for all your religious requirements. In addition, we provide concrete education on how and why pujas or rituals of your religion are important. We are launching an all-out campaign to resurrect the faiths of religions of Indian origin. Our online venture will go a long way in assisting the upcoming generation to stay rooted to their faith and realize the significance of our rich traditions.

We intend to fulfil your religious aspirations by providing you with quality performance of remedy rituals, traditional rites, religious customs and astrological consultations. We cater to religious ceremonies that will be conducted across 800 temples in India. As stated earlier, we are a single-window option for all your religious and traditional ceremonies pan India.

Geographically, our site caters to both rural and urban India with same alacrity. In the era of information explosion, knowledge is rendered easy to access and fast. People in India can access our portal and receive the blessings and good wishes from the offices of 108puja.online.